All About Yammy

Yammy is a traditional illustrator from Maine, and mainly uses colored pencils. Her work consists of vivid colors, unique designs, and captivating portraits. She loves to create characters and outfits, making every subject completely unique. While colored pencil is her forte, she also enjoys using watercolors and pen & ink. 

Yammy grew up in rural Maine with her two younger siblings. For high school, her family moved to southern Maine. She graduated from high school in 2017, and currently studies business management at Pace University in New York City. She plans to further focus on her art in college and start to solidify a career in the field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What tools do you use?
For colored pencils I use Faber Castell Polychromos, and for watercolor I use Mijello Mission Gold tubes. My preferred dip pen is my black Nostalgic Impressions quill pen, but I also have a few standard SpeedBall pens. The inks I use are Winsor & Newton colored artist inks. 
How long does a piece usually take you?
I typically spread the work throughout the week, but I can complete one in a day if I sat down and focused. On average, it takes me four to eight hours. 
Will you make tutorials in the future?
Depends on if there's a demand. I'd like to make video tutorials on YouTube one day on how I use colored pencils. Feel free to let me know what kind of tutorials you're interested in.
What advice do you have for an aspiring artist?
Practice everyday, recognize your trouble areas, and give credit where credit is due. Being crititcal of yourself is one of the most important parts of progress, but you still need to smile at what you're doing right. 
Do you have a print shop?
Yes! I have one through RedBubble. You can find a link on the front page.
Do you do commissions?
I do commissions on a case-by-case basis, paid via PayPal. They are offered scan only, meaning you do not recieve the physical drawing, but you do get a high resolution scan. If you are interested, feel free to use the contact form for a free inquiry!
Have you considered digital art, or are planning to expand?
Right now I'm experimenting with digital art as a hobby, but have no plans to use it for fine art.